quarta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2010

Dead End Justice

In the naked city
Spaces ain't that pretty
As I was getting dusted
I happened to get busted
Oh yes I was arrested
Oh God how I protested
They beat me with a board
It hurt just like a sword
They kicked me in the eye
My brain began to fry
This is like a movie
I know I'm gonna scream
All the pain that I feel
Makes me feel mean
It's so sad and crazy here
I think I'm gonna cry
If I don't wake up from this dream
I think I'm gonna die

E Parabéns para a Joan Jett (:

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Jessica disse...

"I can't take it
This is gettin' silly
Can't find me no tranquility
Anymore, i just can't get through to you... I'm gonna run away
I'm never comin' back to you
Yeah yeah, i'm gonna run away
I'm never comin' back to you" some of my favs.